a visual concert

The show will take place:
  • Thursday March 9th - 8 PM
    Collégiale Saint-Martin à Angers
  • HERE
  • Saturday April 22nd - 8 PM
    Le Lieu Unique à Nantes
  • HERE
We would be thrilled to see you there.
Thank you to our partners for their support
La direction régionale des affaires culturelles (DRAC) des Pays-de-la-Loire
La Région des Pays-de-la-Loire
Le Département du Maine-et-Loire
La Ville d’Angers
Mécènes et Loire
L’Abbaye de Noirlac
Discover the enchanting dreamscape of Elissa Cassini’s latest immersive recital.

Ré-sonances is a performance where the violin is the link between a virtuoso recital, a daring visual/sound-scape, and the story of a soul’s journey. Bach’s celebrated Chaconne is the source from which Kaija Saariaho and Missy Mazzoli each draw their inspiration for their respective contemporary works. The counterpoint between musical eras reveals unsuspected ties linking the works at their core. A soul is incarnate on stage. What challenges and raptures await to be lived?

Elissa Cassini - Improvisation on the Bhimpalasi Raga
J.S. Bach – Chaconne
Kaija Saariaho – Frise Jaune / Frise de Fleurs
Missy Mazzoli – Dissolve, O My Heart
Kaija Saariaho – Pavage / Frise Grise
Missy Mazzoli – Vespers
Elissa Cassini - Improvisation on a Bach Chorale

Elissa Cassini – violin, conception, artistic direction
Rafaël Carosi – electronic soundscape
Jérôme Delporte – lighting
Yves Kuperberg – videoscape
Fabien Zarka – scenography
Anaïs Georgel - sound engineer

"Beyond showing the correspondences between the music of J.S. Bach and the of Kaija Saariaho and Missy Mazzoli, I wanted to create a scenic landscape in which classical and contemporary music could unfold its full potential for transcendance, and tell our human story with it's own unique magical power to transform souls." Elissa Cassini
Duplexity Concerts est une
association Loi 1901
dont le siège français
est à Angers.

Duplexity Concerts est également une organisation à
but non-lucratif basée à New
Mentions Legales 

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James C. Kardon
Paul Model
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John H. Blankley
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Alex and Edna Sussma
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