Duplexity offers access to the transformational
power of music through the presentation of unique
two-person virtuoso musical ensembles aiming to
re-invent the classical recital format.

The New York-based Duplexity Project is a series
of two-person, virtuoso musical ensembles aiming
to re-invent the classical recital format. Through
innovative thematic programming and a roster of
highly accomplished soloists and composers of
diverse musical backgrounds, Duplexity presents
high quality concerts with creative and versatile
programs bridging classical and contemporary,
popular idioms and improvisation. Duplexity’s
forays into dance, drama and new media have
offered innovative contexts for chamber music and
promoted an evolving dialogue between artists and
their audiences.

Nurturing that dialogue, Duplexity concerts are
adapted to all venues and settings, from the concert
stage to private homes, experimental venues,
hospitals and schools. Focused on the violin and
one other instrument, in a compact, energetic and

portable format, Duplexity creates an exciting and
intimate musical experience designed to foster
compassion, community and mutual understanding
through music.

After it’s launch in 2015 with cellist Ashley Bathgate,
Duplexity quickly caught the attention of Philip
Setzer from the Emerson string quartet and has since
collaborated internationally with over a dozen artists.
Duplexity has performed in such diverse venues
as National Sawdust and Columbia University’s
Italian Academy in New York City, the Black House
in Montreal, the Tel-Aviv Conservatory, the Artes
Vertentes Festival in Brazil, La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris
and the Château de Chambord, France’s largest
Loire Valley castle. Duplexity is currently developing
partnerships between venues world-wide as a means
of creating an international platform for innovative
chamber music.

‘‘An imaginatively conceived recital’’  The Strad Magazine 


Duplexity Concerts est une
association Loi 1901
dont le siège français
est à Angers.

Duplexity Concerts est également une organisation à
but non-lucratif basée à New
Mentions Legales 

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